New Start, New Blog

I did it, people…I’m finally moving out! Do you know what this means?!


I will be 10 minutes closer to work! I can decorate my own room! I can buy a bike! And most importantly, I will finally have a place to try out all the recipes I’ve been pinning!

With my move coming sometime this month, and a bit of spare time at work these days, I’ve decided it’s as good an excuse as any to start blogging again. I started this blog as a way to release my frustration at my job search. Now that I’ve been working for almost 6 months and have saved up a comfortable amount of money, I want to start pursuing things that make me happy, not just things that will ensure my livelihood.

Thus, I’ve re-started my blog with a new focus: I’ll be sharing recipes and advice for casual cooks like myself, dieting/health tips, and talking about blogs I love, places I’ve been, and potential DIY projects in my new apartment! I hope that this will help me keep my writing muscle flexed, and I also hope I will be inspired to start taking pictures again and not just with my iPhone camera (bless its heart).

As those who have ever read my blog before may be able to tell, I totally revamped the layout and have been messing around with WordPress’s many features. I was going to wait until I made a better custom header before posting this entry, but why wait? I’m really excited about my new project and have already written a few posts that I’ll probably start putting up next week!

Here’s to a new blog and big (positive) life changes!

Photo courtesy of Beautiful Freedom Concept Photographs

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