Hand, Meet Dodgeball.

I had a different post planned for today.

Then, this happened.

Hand, meet dodgeball.

That is the lump that forms when a strong man throws a heavy rubber ball at you full speed from about 6-8 feet away (on a ~40 foot court) and since it’s coming toward your face, you put your hand up in defense.

I pretty much immediately knew something was not right. I left the court crying and clutching my hand (by the way, another player threw a ball at me as I walked out, claiming he didn’t know I was out/injured. Apparently, he didn’t hear my screams and sobs). After icing and taping it, I went back out and finished our last 2 games. The rules dictate that you must have at least 3 girls playing, or else you have to play short-handed (no pun intended). But in addition to the increasing pain and discomfort, my knuckle looked, well, nonexistent. I later found out why:

…Because the bone that knuckle is attached to was straight up broken.

How funny is it that the day the law that allows me to stay on my parent’s insurance for 2 more years is upheld, I have an ER visit? It was probably the quickest ER visit ever — I got to the discharge desk almost exactly 1 hour after arriving at check-in!

I even had time to go visit my team afterwards and show off my X-ray and new splint at the bar.

Me and Anna, who just got her cast removed from her own dodgeball injury…Yikes!

Unfortunately, I do write and eat left handed…but I use my right hand for most other things. My biggest gripes at this point are 1) I’m going to have to wear a cast at 2 weddings in the coming month, and 2) I probably won’t be able to cook much (or T-Man will just have to up his game as sous-chef). Luckily, I have some back-up recipe pictures taken and edited that I’m planning on posting in the coming weeks. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that risotto prooobably isn’t in my near future, especially considering what happened this morning when I tried to transport the bagel I made for breakfast.

See what I did there? Breakfast? Har har.

Moral of the story: drink your milk, kids.

But help me out here…how am I going to cook 1 handed?!?! Which meals should I be sticking to?

Also…what color cast should I get? Both my dodgeball teams wear white shirts, and I’m probably wearing a pink dress to my cousin’s wedding, where many photos will be taken. Decisions, decisions!

13 thoughts on “Hand, Meet Dodgeball.

  1. I’m so sorry about your hand! Not fun! However, there is no better excuse to hit up Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and get some easy, pre-made meals.

    • Yes! Finally, some justification!

      I recently tried some of Amy’s Organic frozen meals too. I can actually identify the ingredients/veggies as I eat them so I have faith that they’re actually natural and kind of healthy 😛

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