What to Eat When You Have a Broken Hand

Life is hard with one hand.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so often reminded of it that I feel it needs repeating. Life is especially hard when you normally insist on making meals from scratch and an injury dooms you to to a life of microwave meals. I really try to stick to a healthy diet and avoid eating out when I can, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that things are gonna be different these next 5 weeks!

Check out some things that I’ve found to be both easy-to-make, and somewhat healthy as well.

1) Yogurt for breakfast.

For the calcium and added vitamin D, but mainly for the easy open container!

2) Bagels

I may have dropped my phone while carrying a plate with a bagel, but that didn’t stop me from nomming this Everything bagel with plain AND low fat sun-dried tomato shmear. They’re so easy to prepare…and I love me some carbs!

3) Quesadillas

Not a bad meal for a cripple, eh?

4) Soup cups

Opening the flavor packet sometimes presents a bit of a challenge, but I love Dr. McDougall’s soup cups. I also love Nile Spice! So easy to make, and the ingredient list isn’t half bad.

5) Sandwiches

This one had veggies that I “roasted” on my gas stove (red pepper and zucchini). It was pretty bready, but luckily that bread was covered in hummus and the aforementioned shmear. It was surprisingly filling too!

and when all else fails……

Just eat candy.

I’ve got a whole drawer full of these babies (haha, they actually are babies!) at work. Oh, the woes of being a receptionist!

How do you balance convenience and health in your meals?

3 thoughts on “What to Eat When You Have a Broken Hand

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