A Day in Food (and Exercise)

Thanks all for your likes, comments, and views on my last entry! Glad to see there are many others who find body image to be an important topic to discuss.

I also spent most of Wednesday messing around with my blog layout. I like this one much better, because it allows a more visual picture of all my recent posts, and not just the featured ones. Let me know what you think!

Earlier this week, I decided to chronicle what I ate for a day. Though I’ve used calorie counting apps before, doing this really made me realize how much I snack! Literally all my meals had a snack in between. I’d like to think I at least kept them healthy though 🙂 It’s hard not to snack at work these days, since the CA Legislature is on recess and my bosses (they are lobbyists) are off taking their vacations. Boredom definitely –> snacking, in my case! Regardless, I’d say this was a pretty typical food day for me.

Breakfast: Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Granola (only 230 calories, and the granola makes it super filling!)

Snack: Small handful of macadamia nuts and almonds

We’ve obviously made a dent in this bucket over the last month, ha.

Before I ate lunch, I worked out for a little bit. I ran the stairs only ONCE (8 floors/16 flights) and that was enough to make my legs scream…I’m really out of shape from not running. (Thanks, broken hand) Followed it up with 20 minutes on a stationary bike and crunches.

And also….a photo shoot in the gym whose soul purpose was to see how gross and muscly I could make my legs look.

Mission accomplished, obviously.

Lunch: Black Bean Soup (I also continuously refill my mug of green tea throughout the day)

Snack: Oreo Cookie

Because these are the other snack options in our break room…(I’ve had enough Nature Valley granola bars to last me a lifetime!)

Dinner: Grilled Veggie Tacos, again inspired by Edible Perspective

Everything was grilled! Zucchini, Onions, Jalapeno, Grape Tomatoes, Yellow Bell Pepper and Avocado…. + a healthy squeeze of lime juice! I also had some fresh blueberries on the side. (I didn’t want them to go bad)

Dessert: IPA & Fries (haha)

After he got off work, T-Man and I stopped by Rubicon, a brewpub by my apartment for Pint Night. We both got IPA’s, and he got a Caesar Salad (with a side of balsamic vin mixed in, his fave!) + criss-cut fries…of which I stole many.

That was pretty much it. I also walked home from work and to/from Pint Night, which is about 1 mile total. Being forced to walk everywhere since T-Man works and I don’t ride my bike as often with my cast has definitely helped me feel a little more active in this period of inactivity!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. This weekend is Launch Festival in Sacramento, excited to see Chromeo for a second time as well as DJ Shadow and some other awesome acts! NOT TO MENTION the OLYMPICS start tonight! So unbelievably excited! I love watching gymnastics, swimming, diving, basketball, track and field…the options are endless!

What about you guys? What are your fave Summer Olympic sports??

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