Weekend in Photos: San Francisco Edition

First of all, I cannot believe how much attention last Wednesdays’ post received (with the help of WordPress’s Freshly Pressed page, of course). Though I took pictures of it, I wasn’t even sure that I’d be sharing my tomato sauce recipe on the blog. But what started off as a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day led to a idea for a post that I hope resonated with a lot of readers.

When I graduated college in the midst of the recession and moved back into my parents home, I found that watching cooking shows and preparing dinner for my parents made me happy and, more importantly, cooking became something that allowed me to be creative — my finished product (dinner) was something I could be proud of. This summer especially has been hard, since I have had a broken hand going on 8 weeks now, but it helps to know that I am still capable of making something delicious from scratch!

Welcome to those of you that liked what you saw! Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming 🙂

I spent the weekend in beautiful San Francisco — T-Man and I took Friday off and celebrated our 1 year anniversary in the city, and the rest I spent reuniting with 3 of my best friends from college!

Breakfast for T-Man (trying to flip an omelet with a splint on my left hand) — Veggie omelets with my tomato sauce on top! — The Bay Bridge

Laughing Sal at the Musée Mécanique — Touristy Pier 39 fish & chips lunch at Neptune’s with great views! (We had dinner at NOPA, which I can’t recommend enough!!)

View from the Saturday morning Farmers Market at the Ferry Building — Breakfast before — Robin & Rach at Tacolicious — Wandering the Farmer’s Market

Stopped at Trader Joe’s in Berkeley and finally tried the famed cookie spread! — Train ride home through the Bay.

What a great weekend. I had a great time doing couply touristy things with T-Man, balanced out with a couple of girl’s nights with my friends. But let me tell you, it was tough waking up for work this morning!

Where did you go on your last weekend trip?

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