Weekend in Photos

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I’d say I had a pretty good balance of work and play, as well as rest and excitement this weekend. But even so, I neeever seem to feel like I got enough sleep. But I guess that is my lot in life, since my ideal night of sleep lasts 9-10 hours…haha.


Friday night, we went to Bombay Bar & Grill, our favorite Indian place in town. Our favorites are their Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Makhani (which T-Man got extra spicy this time and severely regretted it!!), but I’ve been trying out their veggie dishes the last few times. The Mushroom Masala hit the spot for me this time! Our friend Nate ordered salmon cooked in their tandoori oven, and it was phenomenal. And I’ve never met a naan bread I didn’t like 😉

Bombay Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

As we are so often wont to do, we went home and played games/drank wine with our visiting friends. I gave this Cupcake red blend a try, and it was alright, but I’ll stick to my Menage a Trois and Apothic Red!


The next morning, I restocked my pantry before going to work on some essays for an application I’m working on. I also made some awesome breakfast nachos, and I think I can cross another item off my Cooking Bucket List, because I made baked potato soup {and sneaked in some cauliflower!}… I also baked up a batch of my healthy banana muffins for breakfast this week!


Saturday night we went to our dodgeball league’s Colors Pub Crawl. The premise was for everyone to wear a color indicating their relationship status. Couples are shunned to wear black, so I was determined to make it cute! Cue the bathroom selfie. After a few stops, we went home and watched SNL. I actually kinda liked the Biebs as host, but the highlight for me is always my boyfriend Seth Meyers. Luv you boo!


Sunday morning brought typical Sunday brunch, which we always do when T-Man’s friends come to town. We waited 40 minutes to try a new place, Bacon & Butter. It definitely didn’t disappoint on the bacon front! I got the B&B Potatoes with eggs, crispy shallots, cheese and giant lardons. T-Man and Nate both got Grilled Cheese Benedict – instead of English muffins, this eggs benedict was made on Challah bread grilled cheese sandwiches! The whole menu was extremely decadent, so this definitely won’t be a weekly occurrence, but it was really good.

Bacon & Butter on Urbanspoon

Since we woke up pretty early to (unsuccessfully) beat the brunch rush, T-Man and I promptly spent the rest of the day on the couch finishing Season 2 of Downton Abbey. I wasn’t stoked on the first season, but the second season definitely sucked me in (it was the opposite for T-Man…apparently I am a bigger fan of romantic tension than he is!). Some of the current season was spoiled for me last week, but strangely enough it hasn’t affected my enjoyment!

Was your weekend lazy or exciting?

Do you watch Downton Abbey? Do you love or hate Lady Mary? (this is a point of contention between T-Man and I haha)

9 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Apothic Red FTW!!! I work for the distributor and was actually pouring it this past weekend. People do LOVE their Apothic. All your food looks so perfectly savory, especially sunday’s brunch. That looks like some of the best hangover food I have ever seen!

    • We friggin love that stuff! Menage a Trois is generally our go-to blend for just drinkin on its own, but then Apothic Red started poppin up on sale at Safeway and I might like it even better!

      Brunch was so good…potatoes, pork, and eggs for daaaays

    • Me too! We only go once every month or two when we have friends visiting (otherwise I kinda like being able to actually spend time on making my own breakfast), but its always a treat! And thank you!

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