Gorgonzola Turkey Burgers

So it’s gotten to that point in the year when I buy 75% of my groceries at the Farmer’s Market.


Basically, I’m eating a ton of veggies.



This is what most of my weekday meals look like. And literally every ingredient besides the beans and tortilla were purchased at the Farmer’s Market! I could buy tortillas at the farmer’s market too, I know they have a tortilla stand at the Thursday market by my office 😉 Though I’m not sure I’d wanna pass up the almost-expired $1.99 tortillas from Grocery Outlet!

The problem with my tendency to eat plant-based meals like the ones you see above is that they don’t pack enough protein for the days when I’m working out. Since it’s been so hot lately, I have shifted my exercise focus from running outside (otherwise I’d die of heat stroke) and I’m doing more indoor strength training workouts. I subscribed to the Women’s Health iPad app a few months ago and really enjoy it, especially the animated workout demonstrations:


You can scroll through and actually see how the exercises are properly done! Sometimes they have actual women (and not creepy cartoon women) demonstrating the workouts as well.

I did this 15 minute upper & lower body workout on Monday and my arms are still sore today!


Those of you who also attended Blend Retreat are familiar with GPP Fitness, since they hosted both boot camps at the retreat. Every day, they post the gym’s workout of the day on their website and invite everyone to try them out and comment with their times/reps/etc. I wanted to do an ab workout yesterday and boy oh boy did I get an ab workout. I’ve never done Tabata* before, and it was pretty intense! There’s nothing like an automated timer to keep you from slacking.

Today is one of those days where I’m realizing how much I use my abs doing regular day-to-day activities (biking, laughing, sneezing, etc) because I am HURTING every time it happens!

{*Each rep of a Tabata workout consists of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest and is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes per exercise}

So what I’m getting at here…is that I need some protein to rebuild my muscles after these workouts, and a serving of beans (<10g protein) isn’t gonna cut it!


Enter: turkey burger.

At 21g of protein per serving and 8g of fat, lean ground turkey is probably one of the healthiest sources of (animal) protein you can get. If you’re really concerned about the fat content, you can get Extra Lean turkey, but that’s when it starts getting dry and not very tasty! To both healthify and jazz these guys up a bit, I spiked them with shredded zucchini and gorgonzola cheese. Because if you add zucchini, it cancels out the cheese, right?

I am all about sneaking shredded zucchini into pretty much everything during the summer months…for the health benefits, for added moisture, and, well, mostly because my dad usually ends up with 3 dozen in his garden and can’t get rid of them fast enough.


Confession: I didn’t actually eat these on a bed of lettuce…it’s all a sham!

I love carbs too much to enjoy a burger without a bun. Or in this case, 2 small pieces of bread 😛


I had the first two within a day of making this batch, and froze the remaining 3. On Monday after aforementioned workout, I grilled up a semi-defrosted burger along with a TON of veggies. Farmer’s market goodness + barbecued meat…Who says you can’t have it all?  (sidenote: I’m sorry to all my friends that have to see all my food-related snapchats! :-P)

Gorgonzola Turkey Burgers
makes 5 burgers

1- 20 oz package lean ground turkey
1/2 small red onion, finely diced
1 clove garlic, finely minced
1/2 zucchini, shredded (should be about 1 cup shredded)
1/2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, about 1.5 oz
~5 basil leaves, thinly sliced

Combine all ingredients in a bowl with clean hands until just mixed. Don’t overwork the meat. Separate mixture into 5 equal sized portions and then carefully mold the burgers. To avoid the burgers being fat in the middle, use your thumb to make a small divot in the middle of the burger like THIS. Prepare saute pan or grill, or wrap burgers in saran wrap and foil to be frozen, if desired.

If preparing immediately, heat up grill or saute pan over medium high heat. Add burger and cook on each side until done, 7-9 minutes per side. If freezing the burgers, you will ideally defrost them a little bit, but regardless will need to cook them much longer.

It’s important to cook turkey all the way through to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F – if you have a meat thermometer, use it!

Eat over a bed of lettuce, or like a normal person: between two buns!

Notes: feel free to sub Blue cheese for the Gorgonzola, or your favorite fresh herb of choice for basil. If you must use extra lean ground turkey, I would recommend adding an egg to the mix to make things a little more moist.

25 thoughts on “Gorgonzola Turkey Burgers

  1. Hah, love your comment about using your abs during daily activities. I recently discovered in the same way that chopping vegetables and grating cheese use your core muscles a ton! Ouch 🙂 I love that you snuck zucchini into this!

    • This morning’s ab-workout-realization was closing my windows. Apparently that uses my core too 😛

      I really sneak zucchini into EVERYTHING during the summer! I even made chocolate zucchini cookies last year. True story.

  2. Have you ever used the Nike Training Club app? I really like it. They talk to you and tell you inspirational things like “keep going” haha, I’ll have to check out the one you use!

    • That sounds awesome! I normally use MapMyRun, which just tells you your time/pace every half mile haha. I could use some motivation though!

  3. Genius! This is happening! Although on a grill pan and not a grill *sigh* apartment life 😦 But i do have leftover goat cheese in the fridge, which methinks might be tasty in this…

  4. Now your speaking my language I love turkey .I love how you used gorganzola with your burger .Your burger will go will with coleslaw and french fries.Thank you for sharing your talent.

  5. All of your veggie-laden, farmers’ market meals look amaze-balls 🙂 Also, we’re going to have a talk about protein when I come visit – people really don’t need as much as we think (or as we’re told) we do!! I’m actually almost 100% positive you get enough from your veggie meals 😉

    • I am interested in hearing your take on it! I usually aim for 45g on non-workout days and 60-70g on workout days. I usually hit 40g no problem w/o meat, it’s the workout days that I have trouble with!

  6. Ah yes, I believe my perfect summer meal would consist of some farmer’s market veggies + grilled MEAT! Sometimes a girl just needs a burger 🙂 But with Gorgonzola cheese?!? Oh you fancy, huh? HA, it honestly looks mouth-watering delicious Katie!

  7. Feel ya on the protein thing, girl. I’m super impressed that you grilled those burgers, because grills are kind of scary to me. I feel like they’re an emergency room trip waiting to happen.

    • Haha! This was one of the first times ever that I actually successfully got my charcoals started all by myself. Miraculously, I didn’t burn myself!!

  8. That looks awesome! I’m going to make them for Connor sometime- I bet he will love them. Your food pictures look so yummy.

  9. I love all of the gorgeous local produce in NorCal, I think we’re pretty spoiled!
    I haven’t heard of GPS before but I need to check it out. I gave up my gym membership a few months ago so I’m always looking for new inspiration. I’ve also used the Nike Training Club App and it’s pretty good. Just a lot of burpees which, let’s be honest, when you’re at home without anyone watching you…you cheat. Or at least I do! 🙂

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