Weekend in Photos

Ummm, welcome to fall? I woke up to a brisk 45 degree morning here. I thought maybe that meant that fall had finally arrived, till I looked at the high temp for today- 85 degrees! What?! I forget that we don’t get much of a fall in California… it gets cooler at night, but as far as Mother Nature is concerned, we’re still in August during the day.

Now that I’ve bored you with weather talk, here are just a couple of pix from my weekend:


My weekend started early, as I went shopping on my lunch break. I used a birthday gift card to buy a couple of ~fancy~ VS bras, and I bought a $6 skirt from Forever 21 that was small enough to fit into that bag. #noshame


That night I went out with a bunch of dodgeball friends. Fun times were had. Lots of alcohol was consumed. Nuff said. lol


I didn’t wake up early enough to go for a jog…in fact, I woke up to a text from Carly saying she was on her way to Sac, since we had plans to hit up the Farmer’s Market. Plenty of gabbing, laughing, and selfies with strange produce were had 🙂 Always a riot with my first ever Blend!!!


After a day of cleaning and binging on New Girl on Netflix, I got ready and waited for friends to get out and about. In the meantime, I took lots of selfies and Facetimed with my little brother, who moved away a couple of months ago. Isn’t it funny how you talk more with your family when they don’t live in the same city as you anymore? 😛


After 2+ nights of shenanigans, I decided I needed to punish myself with a long run. I know I’ve been bragging lately about how long runs aren’t hard for me anymore and I’ve hit my “Runner’s High” or whatever…But I’m not gonna lie, I suffered through every.single.minute of this run. However, I felt a lot better afterward!


For the first time in weeks, I actually did some food prep for the week after my run. I roasted my first spaghetti squash of the season (!!! my favorite!) and a pot of quinoa, and baked a couple of chicken breasts. Nothing too fancy, but it will definitely make eating healthy a lot easier this week! Aiming to not have to succumb to soup cups or frozen burritos at all this week…we’ll see how that goes!

Hope you all have a great week!

11 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. Yay spaghetti squash! I am learning to love it this year. Wish I had the motivation to do Sunday food prep like that… instead I usually cook recipes for the blog on Sundays, which are then consumed immediately 🙂

    • I used to be soo much better about food prep! We’re talkin stews, chicken breasts, cut up fruit for smoothies… Nowadays I’m lucky if I even remember to make my Overnight Oats the night before… 😛

  2. Does that happen to be Spring Hill Jersey cheese? They sell it at the SB farmers market and I may stop by their booth every Saturday to get samples…. I’m glad you got to hang with Carly and talk to your brother. I totally feel ya with the whole “I talk to my family more now that they moved away” thing. Oh life, you are too funny.

  3. Bahahahahaha um, I would still really like to know wth that strange fruit is, and how one would go about consuming it. I love hearing and reading about your weekend shenanigans… Can’t wait to have some of our own in a few short weeks! WAHOOOOOOO.

    • Oh my gosh it’s still in the mid-high 80’s here…I was hoping to see some autumn squash when I headed to the Farmer’s Market, so imagine my surprise when there were still tomatoes at almost every stand!!

  4. What the heck is that fruit (or veggie) that Carly is holding??! Looks so creepy, haha! So glad you had a good weekend although I could use more details 😉

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